Technical Mafia is the online information  and training providers.We are offering Free and Paid Courses. Technical Mafia establish in August 26 2017. Right now Technical Mafia is the Biggest source of free learning. Our Courses are in 3 Major langues which includes Hindi,Urdu and English. We are running YouTube Channel with Same name from June 2017. We are Getting Awesome Response from the viewers.

We are Sharing different Free tools and mobile Files which are not freely available on internet. Our experts also create on demand tutorials for our visitors. You can share your issues with us and we will help you in solving your problems relevant to Information Technology.


We want to Provide free of cost education of Information Technology. Our mission to help new people and give them some kind of skills. These skills help them in there professional life.We want every person who have internet or  not but he have to learn through someone who learned from us.