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Disable Friends Removal: Remove All Facebook deactivated friends accounts in Just 1 Click

Removing Disable Friends account from our account is impossible before. There are more than 100 reasons how to delete deactivated Facebook friends is impossible before. One of digest reason is that we can’t see those disable accounts in our friend list.But still showing in numbers. If you want to remove all those disable accounts manually then you can’t do that.

Today I am going to share a very useful tool for Facebook Disable Friends account removal.  By using this tool you can remove all Disable account with just one click. Don’t need to do hard work just one click can handle all the hard work.

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  • Google Chrome
  • Personal Computer
  • Facebook Disable friends removal – chrome extension

Download Extension from the link below and add it to your Google Chrome. After Adding Facebook disable friend’s removal – chrome extension into your browser open Facebook. Then click on Extension Icon and click remove all disable Friends. Bingo it will detect all the disable accounts and Remove all blocked accounts from your account in seconds.

You can watch this complete video guide about how to use Facebook inactive Friends account removal –Chrome Extension works.


This tool helps you in removing your all disabled Facebook account friends. Which you cannot see in your friend list but these friends are shown as a number. In just one click you will remove all your disabled friends’ account. Which is impossible without this tool? Facebook disable friend removal extension help you in detecting all the disable accounts on your friend list. So you can easily remove these friends one by one or all at once. Hope you will like this fool. If you like this tool then please shares it and keeps visiting our website for more.




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