Earn 10000$ with Dropshipping in Single Month

Earn 1000$ per month with dropshipping

Dropshipping probably the best way to generate passive income online without any investment. Yes! Without any Investment, you can earn more than 10000$ in a single month and even in a single day. the beauty of dropshipping is you don’t need to do anything everything is working auto after one-time setup.

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Hi, my name is Sana Ullah and today going to explain dropshipping. Purpose of this post is to guide newbies how they can earn money through dropshipping while they ware sleeping. You need one thing is Good Product research and nothing else.If you have done good research in selecting your product you will definitely earn more then you expect.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the way of online business in which you have to pick any product from wholesaler website and place it on your site for 5 times more expensive than its actual price.  You just need to pick up a product and place it on your website. When someone place order on your website you simply need to put the same information on whole sell website and they will directly ship that product to your client.


If you still confused then just watch the video below and I hope after watching the video you will understand what Dropshipping is?? And how you can Create your own dropshipping website and start generating money without doing anything.


Where and how to Select Products for Dropshipping?

Ali express is the Best website from where you can get products at cheap rates and with 100% shipping warranty.  Right now Ali Express is the number one whole sell website from where we can choose products for Dropshipping. This website allows you to ship products anywhere in the world and most of the product shipped free of cost. Its mean you can earn few more bucks in case of free shipping.


Now Question is how to Select a Product for Dropshipping from Ali Express? 

While selecting your product you have to check the reviews and rating of the product. Try to select a product with at least 50 reviews (Feedback) and read all the review. Figure out issues of customers who reviewed that Product. Check all images and make sure they ship the same product as they mention on the website. After all the queries now it’s time to add that product to your Store.

How to set up a Free Shopify Store for Dropshipping? 

Shopify is the best place to start an online store with a free trial of 15 days. Shopify allows you to add unlimited products, Collection, and other stuff. It contains a broad range of eCommerce option which is easy to implement. You can watch the video below for complete setup and customization guide for Shopify.

Hope so you can create a store on Shopify after watching this video. In this video, you will learn everything about a Shopify store.

If you’re thinking how to promote your store without spending a single penny. then here are few tips for you how you can get some sales.

YouTube Videos: 

You can promote your products free of cost on YouTube by uploading a complete review video and telling people about your product.

Facebook and Instagram:

You can join your targeted niche groups on Facebook and share your product links or video in those groups. Hope you will get few leads and when your sales start out then simply put some money in paid ads and make more money.


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