Facebook Instant Article: Earn Thousands of Dollars Daily with Your Pages


Facebook is now monetizing content of their user’s website and blogs. All you need a Facebook account with active Facebook Fan page. Facebook Instant Article is best alternative of Google AdSense for Earning from your blog. You can get approval very easily and start earning from Facebook.

What is Facebook Instant Article?


Facebook Instant article is a new program launch by the Facebook back in 2016.  Aim of this program to maintain interest of people on Facebook and Provide best experience to its Mobile users. Where People can promote their business on right place and publisher get some percentage of that campaign for showing ads on their pages.

How Facebook Instant Article Works?

Publisher setup Facebook instant articles on their website and Configure with Facebook. After the Configuration when a publisher share any of his post on Facebook it will automatically convert into instant article. And Facebook place ads in that article which is only visible to Mobile users.

How to Apply For Instant article?

You need to go to instant article sign-up Page and select you one page on which you want to get approval of instant articles. After selecting there will be 5-7 steps you have to follow all the steps one by one and apply for Instant article.

Read this for: Step by Step Guide How to sign-up for Instant Article.

Once you get approval now you need to promote your link to your pages and different Big Facebook Groups. If you big page than it is ok but if you don’t have a Big Page than you need to promote your link in Groups and other people Pages.

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this is about little introduction of Facebook Instant article. Stay tune for more. We are Launching our 1st Facebook Earning and promotional course free.


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