Fiverr Complete Guide: How to work on Fiverr 2018

Fiverr Complete Guide 2018

Fiverr is the best option when you talk about online earning in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. You can withdraw your Earnings by using the Payoneer account. Currently, Fiverr is the main website from where a normal freelancer can start his career. You can get your 1st order within one week or before.

Today I am going to write a complete guide about how you can start earning from Fiverr. This post includes all details and complete step by step guide about how you can make money online.

Are you ready??  If yes; then let the battle began.

How to Setup a valuable Account on Fiver?

Most of the people did not pay any attention while they are creating their profile on Fiverr. But you have to pay your full attention towards this step. Your whole account lies in this very 1st step which is taken by you. If you did all things according to plan you will get success fast.

Let us talk about Account creation and other elements in details. For the clear idea, I am going divide this section into sub Parts. So, you can learn about things more deeply and clearly.

  • Sign up
  • Profile Customization
  • Phone Verification
  • Security Question

Sign up:

Open Fiverr from your system and Click on Join Fiverr. A form will be popup and you have to enter your Email, Password, and Username. Don’t use any silly username like Tech007 or anything which make no sense. Try to use a Professional username because the username is your identity on Fiverr. So, keep in mind if you use any rubbish name you’re in big trouble. Use a catchy and authentic name which will attract clients. Also, use a valid email and strong password. After entering your Details your Signup Portion is done.

Profile Customization:

After creating your account now time to customize your profile in a professional way to get clients attention. Choose your best photo for your Profile picture on Fiverr. Describe yourself in Description area in your profile and try to add each thing which can help you in defining who your.

Now come to Skills section add your major skills. Add each skill which you have and select skill level as an Expert. When this section is done jump to languages Section and all languages you can speak. After that add your education details and also add college or university from where you completed your education.

Phone number verification:

You’re not able to publish any single Gig if you have not verified your Phone number on Fiverr. You must have to verify your Phone number before creating 1st gig. For verification go to settings and Click on mobile verification. Fiverr will send you a 4 digits code on your Mobile through SMS. Enter your verification code which you received from Fiverr. All done your mobile number is now verified with Fiverr. Now you can create and publish gigs on Fiverr.

Security Question:

Fiverr provide an extra layer of Security to their users. You have to set a Security Question for protection of your Fiverr account. Set your question and write it on any paper or in a text file to remember.

Here our account Creation section comes to an end and now we have to move on Gig creation Section.

How to create your 1st gig on Fiverr?

In this Section, I am going to describe each and everything about Fiverr gig creation. This part of my post is most important and you have to pay your all attention. Behind every successful Fiverr profile there is a unique and award-winning gig. So, be focused on this part of the guide.

What should be the title of your Fiverr Gig?

Gig title is just like a 1st inspiration for the customer. If you can attract him in 1st inspiration you get the order. So, Try to use unique and Catchy Gig title don’t copy any one’s title. Think creatively and choose a perfect title for your gig.

After adding title now it is time for selecting your category where you work on Fiverr. So always try to select an exact category for your services. Don’t try to add your Gig to irrelevant categories. For example, your working on Logo Designs and you selected your category as web development.

Now come to Tags and learn about what tags are? Why Are Tags impotent for our gigs?

Tags are the phrases which are searched by the users on Fiverr to find out related services. If your tags match with their search then your gig appear top of all gig. Mean you have more chances to win the project. You can add only 5 tags in your single Fiverr Gig. So use those tags which searched by the users.

Scope & Pricing

This section of gig creation you have to set the price of your services and also showcase them into the form of Packages. You can also add Gig Extras if your client wants something extra they can add that extra service and pay for it. You can also add fast deliver a gig extra where you charge few extra bucks and deliver order faster.

Description of your Gig

Describe your services in details and explain each thing about your gig. Tell your users what you are offering and why your best choice for their project. What are the services included in your gig? A detailed description is enough for attracting clients.

Requirements Section of Fiverr Gig

Add all the required information you need for the project. Like if you work on WordPress and you require Login details for each project. So you can add Login details as a Requirement question of your gig.

Images and Videos for your Fiverr Gig:

You need to add your custom Gig image to avoid any copyright issue. If your working on graphics niche then try to use 2 -3 images in your gig. Size for Images (banners) on Fiverr is 550 Pixels by 370 pixels. Use HQ Banner images for your gig and don’t use irrelevant images.

You can also add short videos as a Gig media. Videos can help you more to explain your services in a good way. Try to use your own video and voice and describe your gig in a good way.

Now all set to go just click on Publish and your 1st gig is live. You can share your gig on social media and other sites like YouTube.

Buyer Requests and Custom Offers:

Buyer request is the requests which are posted by the buyers on Fiverr. When buyers have no time for checking sellers gigs they post buyer request or when they need services which are not listed in any gig. These requests are shown in Sellers accounts menu.

By click Selling menu a list drops down and you see an option called buyer Requests. Click on it and you will redirect to another page where you can see different buyer Requests posted by the buyers. You can make bids on those requests. These bids are called Offer or Custom offers on Fiverr. Where you can send 10 custom offers in the response to buyer request.

How to send a Custom to the buyer?

A simple rule of sending offer is talk about what user need and use non-technical language so he can get you. Always try to offer best and affordable rates and describe the cost why you charge this much for him/her.

Learn about Fiverr Orders in details:

This section is about how you have to deal with orders you get from clients. How to deliver an order, what are custom Orders, Review and other things related to an order?

Custom Orders/Offers:

When you have to give something extra which is not mentioned in your gig and your clients ask for that. You have to send them a custom offer in which you enter amount and deadline. Send that offer to your client.

We will Update this article in Future.Provide you more detailed Content in the form of Words and videos.Thanks for visiting and reading this article keep visiting.


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