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How to Create Click Bank Account in Pakistan/India – 100% Approved

Click Bank is No 1 choice of all Affiliated marketers and they love to work on Click Bank. Because click bank is giving more profit on per sale which is never given by any other affiliate website. All other Big names or nothing when we talk about per sale commission. Sites like Amazon, E Bay, Ali Baba and other eCommerce sites are not paying as much. They only give you 2 – 10% sales commission which is very low. On the other hand, Click Bank give their marketers 50%-70% profit on each sale. That’s why everyone has 1st priority is Click Bank.

As Every second person wants to work for click bank to earn better money. Now click bank has a huge number of affiliated accounts and increasing day by day. They get daily  1000s of new signup request and they are not able to handle all the request. So Click Bank Decided to Block few countries from the affiliate program. In this list of blocked countries Pakistan and India on top. So if you’re from these two countries you can’t Sign up for Click Bank. You need to think out of the box to create a Click Bank Affiliate account.

Today I am going to guide you how you can easily create a Click Bank account from blocked Countries. So for creating a click bank account, you don’t need any technical skills just follow my instructions. There is no Rocket science behind creating a Click Bank account. Many of People selling these account for 10 -50 $. Most of the people purchasing those account at this rate. In an actual way, you can create a click bank account in just 5 minutes.

Simple Formula for Click Bank Account Approval:

You just need to use USA IP and Information for your Click bank account which you can change after creating your account. For USA IP You Can Use any Extension/Software or (RDP). For Fake USA Info, you can use Fake ID Generator and fill all the form from the fake id website. Now  You may think about Phone Number so you can use “Text Me Now”  for getting a Virtual Phone Number for verification. Now on other steps, you have to enter your real Bank info. Then all done you are ready to use your Click Bank account.

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