How to Post 500 posts in 2 minutes on Blogger

Auto blogging is everywhere on the internet and most of the auto blogs are set on WordPress. But what you do if you don’t have WordPress Blog??
Most of the newbies have no idea they can use the same technique on Blogger but in a different way.

As auto blogging plugins on WP use to post daily more than 1000 Posts. Same thing you can do on blogger in few seconds. You need to find blogs which are created on Blogger and open the home page of that Blog. Now you need to add Slash”/” at the end of the link and Paste JavaScript with the slash which is written below.





Now Hit enter key and a page will be open with RSS Feed. Just copy that whole content and save as an HTML file in your System. Now open your Blog and go to settings. Use Import content Option and upload the file. Bingo….!

All data is posted on your website with Perfect thumbnail and Style. Use this trick for a month and you will get more than 50K real visitors daily. From those visitors, you can earn a decent amount.

Hope you enjoy the Trick and this is for today. I will post complete Auto blogging Course + Facebook Instant Article guide. So, keep visiting my Blog and get useful stuff in one click.

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